Small Business Retirement Plans

Too few employees of Arizona businesses are on track for retirement. We are on a mission to turn that around – one business at a time.

 Count on a real person to be there for you

There’s no substitute for having a local relationship in retirement planning. You will feel more comfortable with your plan and financial future when you can meet with an expert who’s there to address your needs. Our firm’s location enables us to provide a knowledgeable, helpful adviser who’s in touch with you and your situation.

 Simple, low fees

Plans that cost too much burden you and hurt your retirement savings over the long run. Our administration and advisory fees are simple, fully disclosed and low—especially for plans of $1 million+ compared with confusing, mega-provider fees and costs.

 Get personalized, objective advice—and choices fine-tuned to needs

You deserve insightful, unbiased help making wise investment choices. We serve as a fiduciary adviser that you can rely on for personalized counsel, objective advice and helpful answers to your retirement-related questions. Our investment choices include a diverse, carefully chosen range of mutual funds, target date funds, managed investment options and personalized brokerage accounts.

 Gain the benefits of competitive, clearly reported fees

Your savings can grow faster when lower fees improve your long-term results. Our fees are not only simple and competitive, they are also clearly reported – an advantage many plan providers do not offer. We believe it’s crucial for your plan costs, and we’re proud to share this information with you.

Retirement readiness

A good plan will help you get and stay on track for retirement. We can help with one-on-one retirement counseling, low fees, actionable readiness status reports, and even automated enrollment, deferral and optimization tools that improve outcomes.

 Smart, flexible investment choices

We offer a very broad menu of funds. Better yet, we select those suitable for your plan. You will also have managed options and lots of flexibility. And with our help, even the more sophisticated investors can customize their portfolios at a low cost.

Let us know how we can help your business.